smoked rear lamps

This website was activated on the evening of 1st Feb 2015. Many thanks to our customers and friends for viewing this site which has enabled "" top placed, page 1 on Google search engine!. From everyone at kerrs auto body repairs WE THANK YOU ALL.

My original intension for starting this site was to let people see how a thought can turn into reality (imagination comes true).

I began with cars because it's what I do and got carried away uploading images and gradually filling up several pages, but it does give an insight on what goes on inside my little world.

Since my time being self-employed I have had "and still do" many unusual paint-related requests ie: spraying skittles gold and turning it into a ten pin bowling trophy, restoring a old Victorian fire place, colour changing bed headboard, kitchen unit doors, cast iron bathtub and radiators, ceiling mount speaker covers etc etc, oh! and also many fab but crazy paintwork inside of vehicles.

I wanted this site to be a place were everyone can show off their achievement, whether it good or bad, beautiful or ugly, big or small, if it's your imagination came true then send it in! let everyone have a laugh or cry or even be completely mesmerized by your effort. Come on, send it in. Have fun and enjoy.

I will be uploading more car images on a regular basis, I'm sure some viewers will find it interesting.

   Thanks again people and remember, any paintwork issues you know where I am, if you don't know me my contact details are top right hand corner.


​​​Imagination comes true


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Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort

                                                                                                              =John Ruskin=